Push & Spray
Push & Spray Spray any surfaces you are not sure of, and push the buttons that is shared with others. This push & Spray will do all jobs well. Plus you can easily take it with you anywhere with the secure han...
Lucky Mouse Storage Jar 0.6L/ 1.2L/ 2L.
Lucky Mouse Storage Jar 0.6L/ 1.2L/ 2L. Falling into the human’s food storage makes one the luckiest mouse on earth - this storage jar is inspired by a classic Thai idiom. But who would happy to see a mouse i...
Face Shield Headband Cover
Face Shield Headband Cover Never lose your style while protecting yourself from viruses.
Face Shield - Bow
Face Shield - Bow COVID has neven been this cute!
Table Shield - Stand
Table Shield - Stand จำกัดการใกล้ชิดกันได้อย่างไม่ขาดวิสัยทัศน์ ด้วย Table Shield รุ่นขาตั้ง พร้อมอะคริลิคใสขนาดกว้าง 80 ซม x สูง 60 ซม x หนา 3 มม.
Table Shield - Clamps
Table Shield - Clamps Table Shield - Clamps type. Protect yourself without struggle with the ready-made size table shield.
Push & Touch
Push & Touch Don't afraid of technology but do afraid of viruses. Protect yourself from what you may not aware of, like the delivery's sign pad or public digital buttons that may not be cleaned often....
Face Shield
Face Shield Protect yourself is better than hoping others to protect themselves for you. Wearing face Shield is the new normal for abnormal situations like nowadays.