Coral Bleaching Mug – Glass Cover
Coral Bleaching Mug – Glass Cover Climate change is affecting the colour of corals, turning them white. Place the inverted mug over the coral to create a beautiful diorama of nature, or use the coral as a mug...
Coral Bleaching – Salt+Pepper Shaker
Coral Bleaching – Salt+Pepper Shaker Climate change affects all kinds of creatures on earth, even the beautiful coral reefs in our oceans. Rising temperatures make corals turn white in colour, which in turn ...
Glori Opener – Bottle Opener
Glori Opener – Bottle Opener This gorilla is cuter than the ones in the movies - and much more helpful too! It will help you pry your bottlecaps open and cling to your fridge with his magnetic paws after he&#...
Winter mug – Glass cover
Winter mug – Glass cover Keep Calm, it’s Winter; let's get comfy with a warm drink.
Autumn mug – Glass cover
Autumn mug – Glass cover It’s Autumn, let's have tea and reminisce. And if you cannot finish your drink all in one go, cover it with the soothing landscape and enjoy the rest later."
Summer mug – Glass cover
Summer mug – Glass cover It’s hot outside; cool off with your favorite smoothie and go wild.
Spring mug – Glass cover
Spring mug – Glass cover It’s Springtime; let’s fall in love over a sweet drink.
Seahorse Cotton Bud – Cotton bud Holder
Seahorse Cotton Bud – Cotton bud Holder No one would have thought that the cotton bud affects the safety of sea life, but it does, so please be responsible when using all plastic disposable products, use only...