Cactrash This cactus can keep your room clean. Just pull the cactus plant out and leave your garbage in the pot, push the plant to flatten your garbage and you will have more space to throw the rubbish in.
Cactus Doorstop
Cactus Doorstop When the hot season comes, lets this summer’s plant stops you from sweating by place it in front of the door and let the air circulate.
Cactiss It's not magic it's "Cactiss". It can hold both napkin or toilet paper (roll) as you wishes. Or turn the cactus upside down use it as a plant pots. There you go two functions in one ...
Dinsor Sharpen your pencil to be ready for a power writing and leave this pencil helps you organize your stationery to facilitate you most when you are in focus to keep your writing sharp.
Acorn Snack Bowl
Acorn Snack Bowl Store your snack to prevent squirrels or colleagues with this Acorn Snack Bowl. Turn the lid upside-down onto the bowl to be used as a double layer tray to put the nuts shell inside.
Micro Coffee Bin
Micro Coffee Bin Keep your desk tidy with this micro coffee bin. Place it in the car cup holder or anywhere you want. QL10273 Micro Coffee Bin Size : Ø95 x 179.72 mm Capacity : Approx 680 ml. Color : Black /...
Drain Cloud
Drain Cloud This cloud doesn’t drain bird or snow from the rain but it will drain water from your glass properly. Drain cloud can also be used as a serving tray to serve your beverage when the glass still dry...
Cactus Stirrer
Cactus Stirrer Don’t just stay still, stir your mood and your favorite drink with a style and your summer will be fresher and tastier.