Carver Lamp S L
Carver Lamp S L It's a great challenge for Thinkk X Qualy to be working together despite the differences in design area. The result is this Carver Lamp, which overcame all limits and pushed an industrial ...
Hill Pot S L
Hill Pot S L The plant pot that is carefully designed it's water reservoir to blend in with its pot. Minimal to the eyes. Simply refill the water reservoir to hydrate the plant's soil. The plant pot ...
Roll Meo
Roll Meo Everyone will be Juliet for this Roll Meo. He hides in your roll of toilet paper waiting to surprise you.
Wine Hound
Wine Hound Wine Hound is obsessed with good wines. His black shiny shoes tweak foil off and his ears rise in anticipation of the delicious wine to come. Keep Wine Hound calm by pushing his ears down to retrie...
Dacholder This dachshund will store everything in his tummy, an excuse for you to play with him when you need to retrieve your stuff. The Dachholder is great for cotton pads, stationery, and remotes - whateve...
Cantainer A Can that can make your life cooler. It's simply just can!
Snail Magnet
Snail Magnet Don’t finish all your to do list as fast as snail.
Qualy ได้รับรางวัล Asean Plastic Awards 2018
Qualy ได้รับรางวัล Asean Plastic Awards 2018 Qualy ได้รับ 2 รางวัล Asean Plastic Awards 2018 จากผลงาน Icosa Lamp และ Sweet Tweet