HOOK Wall hook You can never have enough places to hang your stuff at home. So just look for the HOOK and, well, you're hooked. A statement piece to hang your belongings.
S&P Salt&Pepper shaker ā€œSā€ is for salt and the ā€œPā€ is for pepper. Just follow the instructions to the letter! Tilt it to either side to pour out your desired condiment.
KEYS Key holder What better than a key holder that tells you exactly where to put your KEYS! With a magnet under each letter this key holder can hold 4 sets of keys.
Open Bottle Opener This fancy device does exactly what it says. If you need to open your bottle, just use Open.
Acorntainer Like a sensible squirrel, storing his nuts away for winter, you can put all sorts of things in Acorn. It is Acorn-tainer for all occasions - a bread bin, a snack stash, a treasure trove, a haberda...
Storeberry The sweetest way to store your stuff and add a juicy splash of colour to your room. To top it off, you can turn over the lid and use it as a tray. A giant strawberry container with 4l of space to f...
Thirsty Big Bird 3L.
Thirsty Big Bird 3L. Water Dispenser The catchy 3 litres water dispenser, features a handy ice tube that helps keeping your drink as chill as you like without messing up with the original taste of your favori...
Sweet Tweet M
Sweet Tweet M This sparrow will guard your sweets. Pour water into the space beneath the tray, so ants aren't able to get to your food. The clear dome displays your desserts in style.