Many brands join us for the 1st Brands Conference 2018
Last November 8-9, 2018. We had set up the 1st Brands conference ever and invited our friends to join us for our coming exhibition under the name "The Bridge".

We would like to thank our friends :
Carpenter / Simple lab / Qualy / Mr.Science / Peleg Design / The Remaker / Dogdogo / Pleasant / Bitplay / Moreover / Pana Objects / Taksa Toys / Para / Barketek
Who believes in what we believe and ready to move forward together with us. :)

Moreover, we would like to thank Mr. Maurice du Prée, our sale representative from the UK+Ireland and BENELUX market, our German+Austrian representative Mr. Marc-David Grafe. and Mr. Jason Chen, our distributor and friend from Taiwan Market, to join our conference and share their market insights for the better understanding of the markets and customers.

Thank you very much indeed and we are so ready for the next exhibition to come, because this time, it's not just us but we will be there with our friends :)