Carver Lamp S L It's a great challenge for Thinkk X Qualy to be working together despite the differences in design area. The result is this Carver Lamp, which overcame all limits and pushed an industrial plastic products to the max. This lamp has add a sense of crafting by making the real excavation on computer then transform it to the real excavated mold to be able to produce. It comes in 2 sizes and 2 styles to fit your interior.

QLX20003 - 4 - 6 - 7 Lamp
Size : S : Ø208 x 234 mm. L : Ø315 x 364 mm.
Color : Blue, Cream, White

Material : Green ABS
Barcode :
Carver Lamp S (Wireframe) BU 8858782106791
Carver Lamp S (Wireframe) CR 8858782107446
Carver Lamp S (Wireframe WH 8858782112426
Carver Lamp S BU 8858782106852
Carver Lamp S CR 8858782107484
Carver Lamp S WH 8858782108399

Carver Lamp L (Wireframe) BU 8858782106821
Carver Lamp L (Wireframe) CR 8858782108405
Carver Lamp L (Wireframe) WH 8858782107521
Carver Lamp L BU 8858782106586
Carver Lamp L CR 8858782108382
Carver Lamp L WH 8858782107545