Design Student from Kasetsart University visit Qualy

The possibilities of what is designed are determined by designers. As a result, students who aspire to be designers in the future should pay attention to the design profession. As a result, you’ll need a conscience, as well as the knowledge and skills to create properly.

The Integrated Product Design Innovation Branch of the Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University focuses on producing environmentally sensitive designers. Organize activities to lead teachers and 47 first and second-year students to Qualy Design Space on Saturday, March 12, for a seminar on “Design for a Sustainable World” by the lecturer, Mr. Teerachai Suphameteekulwat, Design Director and co-founder of Qualy.

The lectures will focus on environmentally responsible design approaches. Practical recommendations are based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) and the concept of the “Circular Economy.”

The era of irresponsible resource consumption is over. We leave our hopes for the future generation to continue to care for the world’s sustainability.

Photo credit: IPDI’s Integrated Product Design Innovation Course, Kasetsart University.