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    Did you know that around one-third of all food produced globally is wasted? It does not only produce the greenhouse gases equivalent of 10% of man-made ones but the natural resource and energy used to produce them will also be wasted for granted.

    But the food waste mixed with other waste is the worst since it makes all waste unrecyclable and ends up in the landfill causing a big problem for our air and water.

    The best way to prevent this is to reduce your food waste and strictly separate organic waste from others by using food caddy to collect your leftover food and compost it or throw it the right way.

    On top of that, this Foody bin is uniquely designed to be pretty as small kitchenware when placing in the house.


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    Shopping for your local ingredients or supporting the farmer’s market, are both good choices for your weekend gathering. Considering where to shop and stop wasting a large amount of plastic package by bringing your own basket. Plan your food so you won’t have the leftover to waste. Store anything on the go in this Stogo basket or store and stack them at home to keep your stuff right in the nice space.

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    This Penguin container can keep your stuff inside its body to protect them from the rain or dust. But the real penguin keeps plastic debris inside its body because it was mistaken for food and that can ultimately kill them. Please save these little lives by disposing of your trash properly, recycling everything you can, and choosing biodegradable products.

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    Every minute, the plastic waste equivalent of a rubbish truck is emptying in the ocean and traps and tangles with the sea turtle and other marine animals. These poor animals can’t escape or get rid of the plastic waste no matter how hard they tried and will die at the end.

    This sea turtle magnet mocks the tangling problem by showing that when your key attached on him, he has no way out. So that we should do everything we can to save them.

    (source : greenpeace)

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    No one would eat food mixed with micro-plastic if they knew, but sadly, these sea turtles cannot distinguish what is harmful to them. Ocean pollution is a big threat to the sea turtle at all stages of life and it will continue to torture them if we still consume irresponsibly.

    This sea turtle coaster is not only proof of animal cruelty but also helps reduce the plastic waste that may enter to harm the living sea turtle in the nature habitat.

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    In last 50 years, penguin population is a decline by about 77%. How many it will remain in the next 10 years if we are still rapidly changing the climate caused by our daily activities?.

    This penguin soap dispenser is not designed to be functionally cute but also wants to stay near you to remind you how risk is their species to endangered of extinction.

    (source : greenpeace)