Storage Jar

  • ฿350.00฿600.00

    Flat Top Storage Jar

    Organize your kitchen, while saving space at the same time. With the specially designed, the lid is flat to be stackable. Simple and seamless, the rim is longer than the other for convenience use.

  • ฿450.00฿1,500.00

    Falling into the human’s food storage makes one the luckiest mouse on earth – this storage jar is inspired by a classic Thai idiom. But who would happy to see a mouse in their food jar? Luckily this mouse is just a valve that helps make an airtight seal with his chubby tummy to keep out odors; a really fun twist for your kitchen.

  • ฿400.00

    Welcome nature into the comfort of your home with Sprout Jar, the seasoning container. Simply open the lid of the dome and fill it with ground coffee, tea leaves, beans, or any preferred seasoning of your choice. The little sprout stands tall in the center of the dome functioning as a spoon, ready to serve you in the afternoon.

    Spring is always around with this little sprout.

    Barcode 8858782109471

  • ฿375.00฿555.00

    The tube shape designed storage jar is alright which help keeping the food fresh and smell free. The colorful lid makes it easy for you to organize what is inside by putting different things in different color. The see though clear lid helps to see how empty it is.