Qualy was honored to share our experiences and ideas of Qualy’s products on the topic “Upcycling-Upstyling Showcase”

The circular Economy concept will be only the beautiful theory if there are no practices. In order to handle the environmental crisis which is in an emergency stage now, GC has set up the GC Circular Living Symposium 2020: Tomorrow Together and gathered thinkers, developers, makers, and researchers in various fields who change the world with the circular economy concept to share their vision, and experiences to the public.

And Khun Teerachai Suppameteekulwat, the Design Director and Founder of Qualy was honored invited to be one of the speakers to share our products on the topic “Upcycling-Upstyling Showcase” showing our project collaborated with the TPBI Public Company Limited and the K.M. Packaging Public Company Limited, where you can watch the rerun of the symposium at the link below.