• US$29.00

    Challenge your mind with the Land game, a tactile-focused puzzle. Use your hands to touch each piece and arrange them into the correct shape. By emphasizing touch over vision, this game allows people with visual impairments to participate. Not only is this puzzle enjoyable, but it also promote sunderstanding of diversity, community engagement, and sustainability.

  • US$19.90

    Coconut, one of the most popular tropical fruits, is renowned for its refreshing and delicious taste. It can be consumed as both water and flesh. Additionally, each part of the coconut offers distinct benefits. Coconuts are commonly cultivated in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Thailand. Nowadays, climate change is significantly impacting agriculture, including coconut production. Using a coconut tissue holder made from recycled plastic can contribute to reducing global warming, which affects crop cultivation.

    Barcode : 8858782119319

  • US$19.95

    Mangosteen, dubbed the ‘Queen of Fruits,’ boasts a crown-like appearance, with luscious white flesh and a sweet taste, packed with health and beauty benefits. Although it’s a tropical fruit that can be grown in Thailand, climate change nowadays severely impacts agriculture. Mangosteen bottle opener made from recycled plastic can help reduce global warming, which affects crop cultivation

    Barcode : 8858782118664


  • US$18.90

    Whale sharks, known as the world’s largest fish, are admired for their gentle nature. Spotting whale sharks signifies rich and thriving natural environment. However, they’re facing extinction due to ingesting plastic waste. These whale shark opener, equipped with fridge magnets, are easy to use, made from recycled plastic, and help reduce the likelihood of increased ocean debris.

    Barcode : 8858782119265


Qualy is a 100% Thai designed product brand who believes in the power of designing that can enhance the better life and the better world. Our philosophy is to respect our planet and in the meantime, improve people’s life. That makes us work harder to design every products to be creative and useful for every mankind, bring Happiness to every smiles and dedicated ourselves to be more Sustainable and eco-friendlier design brand.

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Collaborative and partnership are the key to success for the change. We work in an integrated way with many environmental organizations and allies, to initiate projects to protect our environment and reduce waste.


Together with many brands that have the same vision and well supports, we have had opportunities to delivered great projects to incorporating plastics into a circular economy the farthest possible.