• US$34.95

    Tidied space means an organized life.
    Get your life organized by using this stackable tray set.
    The flexible yet compact tray comes with various sizes of container that will fit whether your belonging are big or small.

  • US$13.50

    Over a billion toothbrushes end up in landfills every year only in North America! And it takes over 400 years to decompose but before that, they may pollute oceans and beaches and kill the marine lives by misunderstanding as food before it decomposes. Even we can recycle plastic toothbrushes just as this turtle is made from discarded fishing nets, but there are betters choices of toothbrushes available in the market, please help our environment by choosing the eco-friendly one.


  • US$11.00

    Bar soap uses 30% less water than liquid soap and has a greener manufacturing process, its package is generally comprised of cardboard or paper which makes it is 10 times less impact on the environment than liquid soap. Besides, this happy turtle soap tray is made from discarded fishing nets, under the “net free seas” project by EJF, which makes it the better choice to keep our environment safe while keeping you clean and fresh.


  • US$19.95

    Don’t waste your beverage or let it tasteless by leaving it undrunk too long and ends up in the sink. This turtle opener is aiming to help you open any bottles for freshness and put its head inside the bottle’s neck to keep it fresh for you. All animal knows how precious water is, so please don’t waste any while a lot is dying from thirst.

    Barcode : 8858782118640


Qualy is a 100% Thai designed product brand who believes in the power of designing that can enhance the better life and the better world. Our philosophy is to respect our planet and in the meantime, improve people’s life. That makes us work harder to design every products to be creative and useful for every mankind, bring Happiness to every smiles and dedicated ourselves to be more Sustainable and eco-friendlier design brand.

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Collaborative and partnership are the key to success for the change. We work in an integrated way with many environmental organizations and allies, to initiate projects to protect our environment and reduce waste.


Together with many brands that have the same vision and well supports, we have had opportunities to delivered great projects to incorporating plastics into a circular economy the farthest possible.