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  • US$12.95US$22.95

    Flat Top Storage Jar

    Organize your kitchen, while saving space at the same time. With the specially designed, the lid is flat to be stackable. Simple and seamless, the rim is longer than the other for convenience use.

  • US$49.95

    This little big ears gang is a good helping hand to spice up your every meal. Each Lucky Mouse seasoning container can hold up to 250 ml. and the spoon help you reach your spice at the bottom of the container. The tray keep them together happily and make your meal enjoyable.

    Barcode 8858782118251

  • US$13.95

    Don’t be scared of this mouse, he just wants to be your helping hand on scooping some sugar or coffee bean. The Lucky Mouse seasoning container can hold up to 250 ml. Hold the mouse firmly to scoop and make him feel warm and safe in your hand.

    Barcode 8858782118121

  • US$13.95

    This Penguin container can keep your stuff inside its body to protect them from the rain or dust. But the real penguin keeps plastic debris inside its body because it was mistaken for food and that can ultimately kill them. Please save these little lives by disposing of your trash properly, recycling everything you can, and choosing biodegradable products.

    Barcode 8858782118114

  • US$15.95US$59.95

    Falling into the human’s food storage makes one the luckiest mouse on earth – this storage jar is inspired by a classic Thai idiom. But who would happy to see a mouse in their food jar? Luckily this mouse is just a valve that helps make an airtight seal with his chubby tummy to keep out odors; a really fun twist for your kitchen.

  • US$19.99US$29.99

    The Oasis Round Pot is made with R-PET – recycled material from plastic bottles – in line with our mission to be part of the effort in making the world a better place, by reducing waste and being more environmentally sustainable. As a bonus, this pot helps you reduce the hassle of watering your plants everyday, while looking great in your living space.

  • US$19.99US$29.99

    Greener is always better, both for you and for the world we live in. This plant pot comes with a self watering system that helps you water your plant with ease. Simply add water and let your plants hydrate themselves through the week.

  • US$34.99

    Nothing beats the feeling of luck like a mouse who falls into a rice bin. Bring that feeling home today with the Lucky Mouse, who will sit happily in the included container and add a fun twist to your kitchen.

    Barcode 8858782109709

  • US$18.95

    Chill like you are dreaming in rainforest atmosphere with these stirrers and Picks. Every bite is serve right from the tropical paradise for you and your friends to enjoy.

    Barcode 8858782107583

  • US$11.95

    Feel the breeze of the tropical paradise even in your office. The magnetic power of these tropical leaves will make your important note stay put while your mind blown away with the coming summer vacation.

    Barcode 8858782106494

  • US$14.99

    Blink blink, this brave hare will not hop away when you come home, instead it will blink his eyes and wiggle his ears happily to see you at home.

    barcode 8858782109846

  • US$11.95

    Everyone will be Juliet for this Roll Meo. He hides in your roll of toilet paper waiting to surprise you.

  • US$15.99

    Bird Bike Cup Holder

    Now you can perk up with a cuppa while you’re on wheels! The Bird Bike Cup Holder will hold your coffee still no matter how bumpy your ride is or how sharp your turns are.

  • US$13.50

    Bird bike bell

    Announce your arrival with a tweet from this sparrow; he will be sure to make your ride safer and more enjoyable.

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    Wine Hound is obsessed with good wines. His black shiny shoes tweak foil off and his ears rise in anticipation of the delicious wine to come. Keep Wine Hound calm by pushing his ears down to retrieve the wine cork and share his excitement – and your refreshing vintage.

    Barcode 8858782106197

  • US$34.95US$44.95

    It’s a great challenge for Thinkk X Qualy to be working together despite the differences in design area. The result is this Carver Lamp, which overcame all limits and pushed an industrial plastic products to the max. This lamp has add a sense of crafting by making the real excavation on computer then transform it to the real excavated mold to be able to produce. It comes in 2 sizes and 2 styles to fit your interior.

  • US$11.95US$14.95

    Hill Pot

    The plant pot that is carefully designed it’s water reservoir to blend in with its pot. Minimal to the eyes. Simply refill the water reservoir to hydrate the plant’s soil. The plant pot is designed as a small hill with 2 different heights, perfect for arranging plants for your own landscape.

  • US$14.95

    This dachshund will store everything in his tummy, an excuse for you to play with him when you need to retrieve your stuff. The Dachholder is great for cotton pads, stationery, and remotes – whatever you may wish to conceal.