Bottle Opener

  • US$19.95

    Mangosteen, dubbed the ‘Queen of Fruits,’ boasts a crown-like appearance, with luscious white flesh and a sweet taste, packed with health and beauty benefits. Although it’s a tropical fruit that can be grown in Thailand, climate change nowadays severely impacts agriculture. Mangosteen bottle opener made from recycled plastic can help reduce global warming, which affects crop cultivation

    Barcode : 8858782118664


  • US$19.95

    Manta rays, the world’s largest rays, are facing extinction due to hunting for consumption and marine debris. These manta ray bottle opener, equipped with fridge magnets, are easy to use, made from recycled plastic, and help reduce the likelihood of increased ocean debris

    Barcode : 8858782120810

  • US$19.95

    Don’t waste your beverage or let it tasteless by leaving it undrunk too long and ends up in the sink. This turtle opener is aiming to help you open any bottles for freshness and put its head inside the bottle’s neck to keep it fresh for you. All animal knows how precious water is, so please don’t waste any while a lot is dying from thirst.

    Barcode : 8858782118640

  • US$10.95

    This fancy device does exactly what it says. If you need to open your bottle, just use Open.

  • US$9.95

    This is one owl you will give a hoot about! Night or day, he is ready to open your chosen beverage. Remove the head to open plastic screw caps. If you have a metal crown cap, use the body section.

  • US$11.95

    This little cloud will blow the top off any bottle in the matter of no time. The Cloud Bottle Opener quietly sits on your refrigerator waiting for the next bottle to open. Its unique design makes it easy to grip the cloud tightly with your hand while you open your bottle.

  • US$8.00

    The handle of this bottle opener has been carefully designed so that users will have a comfortable experience using it. It also comes in 5 bright colours.

  • US$11.95

    This gorilla is cuter than the ones in the movies – and much more helpful too! It will help you pry your bottlecaps open and cling to your fridge with his magnetic paws after he’s done.

    Barcode 8858782110934

  • US$12.50

    Don’t have fun at others’ expense – drink responsibly and don’t litter!
    This whale can help you open bottle caps easily, but it’s not supposed to eat them for you! Please keep your bottle caps and other waste from entering the ocean by disposing of them responsibly and recycling them.

    Barcode 8858782117612