• US$18.00

    Do you ever feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack on your desk? Everything is such a mess and you only wish it could be more organized.

  • US$13.50

    Inspired by generations of wisdom. The Bai Bua Tray is uniquely designed to inspire us to be closer to nature. Inspired by the lotus leaf, The Bai Bua Tray can carry up to six standard glasses and the lotus leaf design acts as a water drainer keeping your glasses nice and dry.

  • US$4.50

    When Your Glass Perspired, The Bai Bua Coaster Serves As An Excellent Way To Keep Your Glass Separated From The Water.
    Inspired By Generations Of Wisdom. The Bai Bua Coaster Is Uniquely Designed To Inspire Us To Be Closer To Nature. Inspired By The Lotus Leaf, The Bai Bua Coaster Solves The Age Old Problem Of The Coaster Sticking To The Glass By Keeping The Water Separated. The Lotus Shape Will Give You A Sense Of Being Closer To Nature.

  • US$6.75

    A great helper to the cooking of pasta, this Lotus Spaghetti Measurer comes with a glimpse of Asian touch as it is in the unique form of the Thai iconic flora. If you want it more, use the largest ring of lotus leaf. Vice versa, if you want it less, the smallest one would do. While not in use, it could enhance the natural ambience to the kitchen.

  • US$12.00

    Especially designed to reckon the form of a lotus leisurely rest on the rock, the Lotus Cotton Bud Holder is hygienic as well as being chic which could be decoratively place on the dressing table, in the bathroom, etc. for a fresh touch since the cotton bud inside would perch out as if they are the pollen of the lotus.

  • US$9.95

    The lotus toothpick holder is presented in an innovative design of a lotus on the rock while the toothpicks represents the pollen at the centre. Having it on the dining table wins double slots as it dubbed as a decorative item as well.