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    The oceans have been absorbing more than 90% of greenhouse gases. This has a dramatic and adverse impact on ocean life and destroying Coral habitats. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development. Coral bleaching is a symptom of injury we are causing to the earth. Climate change affects coral reefs and their habitats. Though the environment cannot be recovered or replaced, this seasoning shaker will at least remind you about the beauty of nature that we once had before.

    Barcode : 8858782118541


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    No one would have thought that the cotton bud affects the safety of sea life, but it does, so please be responsible when using all plastic disposable products, use only as needed and recycle as much as you can.

    Barcode 8858782110323

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    Climate change affects all kinds of creatures on earth, even the beautiful coral reefs in our oceans.
    Rising temperatures make corals turn white in colour, which in turn affects other marine life as well.
    Let these two corals serve salt and pepper, as well as a gentle reminder to live more sustainably.

    Barcode 8858782110965

  • US$15.95

    Climate change is affecting the colour of corals, turning them white.
    Place the inverted mug over the coral to create a beautiful diorama of nature, or use the coral as a mug lid.
    Either way, this mug and lid set will help to remind you to be environmentally conscious, while keeping your beverage dust-free.

  • US$11.95

    Enhance a nature theme in your home while hanging your towel, bag, belt or necklace on this coral.

  • US$11.95

    Hang your wet sponge on the coral after use for faster drying and to prevent it getting dirty or growing fungus.

  • US$14.95

    Multi-purpose clear container that holds all kinds of stuff. Put your cotton balls or jewelry inside the container while hanging your earrings or rings on the coral.

  • US$12.50

    Strong magnets that will always keep your notes up while the underwater look brightens up your work day.

    Barcode 8858782117483

  • US$11.95

    The cotton bud holder that mimics the underwater world for your enjoyment. Using eco-friendly cotton buds would be the better choice for cleanliness – both yours and the planet’s. The clownfish will be happier to play with the anemone when there is less plastic debris in the ocean.

    Barcode 8858782117551

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    This toothbrush holder holds up to two toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste for your family… or just yourself if you happen to like using two brushes.

    Barcode 8858782117575