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    Wine Hound is obsessed with good wines. His black shiny shoes tweak foil off and his ears rise in anticipation of the delicious wine to come. Keep Wine Hound calm by pushing his ears down to retrieve the wine cork and share his excitement – and your refreshing vintage.

    Barcode 8858782106197

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    This dachshund will store everything in his tummy, an excuse for you to play with him when you need to retrieve your stuff. The Dachholder is great for cotton pads, stationery, and remotes – whatever you may wish to conceal.

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    Dog loves you more than he love himself, this FRENCHY will open his eyes to keep your keys safe. He normally sleep all day but when you insert your keys under his neck, he will be more than ready to look after them, cause that?s what a real buddy do.

  • US$15.00

    This dog will love you no matter what and he will become your best friend. He will always make sure your key is safe when he is watching it. When not in use, the Watchdog will sleep in his comfortable home. When you insert your key into the keyhole the Watchdog will pop out to say hello, and he will guard your key. He is a true and loyal friend.

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    Man’s best friend will always stick around especially this little guy! He’s willing to stay attached to anything you ask of him. The Dachshund Magnetic dog decoratively designed as a cute little Dachshund also holds magnets in his tummy providing you with the means to keep your office space nice and tidy. He’s definitely man’s best friend indeed.

    Barcode 8858782114611

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    Mr. Dog will be your dog best friend. This yummy bowl is designed to open and close whenever you wish. A decoration for a dog lover to brighten the room now let’s replace your dog food with Mr. Dog.

  • The multipurpose pet can help you. It is a food bowl and a storage. Keeping the food dry and clean.