• US$18.00

    Who-Who needs the salt or pepper? Tasty Owl is ready to fly into the kitchen to make your meal a little more tasty. Just twist his head to grind fresh pepper or salt onto your food.

  • US$14.95

    Owls like to stay awake all night, but this guy is more than happy to join you every morning for breakfast. Morning Owl can hold your boiled egg and he even stores some salt and pepper to make your egg a bit tastier.

  • US$9.95

    This is one owl you will give a hoot about! Night or day, he is ready to open your chosen beverage. Remove the head to open plastic screw caps. If you have a metal crown cap, use the body section.

  • US$11.25

    Here’s something you can give a hoot about!
    The owl wine stopper assures you will have great tasting wine just like from a freshly opened bottle each time you want to pour a glass. Place the owl over the top of your bottle and twist its head to make the inner part expand within the bottle’s neck to seal in the freshness.

  • US$15.00

    This wise owl dominates the night. After you work a long day, the Night Owl will sacrifice his evening to keep your keys safe. When he is not watching your keys he will slumber peacefully. When you leave your keys with him, he will wake up and guard your keys. You can always count on the Night Owl to keep your keys safe, he never takes a night off.