• US$7.50

    The world is getting hotter and hotter and a penguin can hardly bear it. This penguin stands on his iceberg asking you for your help. Penguin on Ice is a stylish popsicle maker that will let you create an iceberg with flavor, just pour your favorite drink into the mold and you will have a delicious iceberg popsicle to help you cool off on a hot summer day. Your friendly penguin will be happy waiting in the freezer for you, he loves the cold.

    Barcode 8858782113256

  • US$10.95

    The wonder of the nature is that every single leaf is simply different, not even one sharing the very same pattern. Let this colorful leaf give you a signature identity on your glass so you can go worry-free and party to the max.

    Barcode 8858782112112

  • US$10.95

    Hummingbirds fly with an exciting style over a treetop. They drink a dewdrop with their special beak. Let them fly around your party to create a lively and joyful atmosphere. It is glad to be your personal fork at the party. Just stick and leave a toothpick.

    Barcode 8858782112082

  • US$9.95

    Never again miss out on an important message. With the Humming Birds colorful magnetic body, he will carry your notes or any other important information needed. Pleasing to the eye, the Humming Bird Message will keep your desk or work area nice and organized. A perfectionist’s life is opening right before your eyes. The Humming Bird will fly you to the moon.



  • US$10.95

    Little joyful hummingbirds love to play among flower, sipping water from their leaves. Hummingbirds party decorates your glass as well as showing which one is yours. Let the hummingbirds join your party!

    Barcode 8858782112020