PM awards

  • $35.95

    Inspired by the 4 seasons , This seasoning shaker will decorate your tabletop with the tastes of spring , summer autumn and winter. Let’s shake the season and enjoy your dish!

    Barcode 8858782114307

  • $7.50

    Wholeheartedly supports “save the world” campaign with its double functions, This capsized cup acts as the water cup while you brush your teeth. Done with that? Just turn it over and you’ve got a toothbrush holder at fingers snap. Being super hygienic is the key; the pierced hole allows the water to slip away while the position where you kiss the cup is not touching the ground while facing down.

  • $28.95

    Simplified recycling process while maximizing the use of space with this Block 20 – Block 30 stackable recycle Bin. Wise and neat design is applied in which the rim of the waste bag is completely tucked in. In addition, the square form of it make it ideal to fit into every corner where you can stack it up as high as you like or your waste calls.

  • $22.50

    Use water wisely by pouring it into plant pot, the squirrel will indicate the water level. There is no need to water every day because the rope inside acts as an artificial root for the water intake.