• US$18.95

    Chill like you are dreaming in rainforest atmosphere with these stirrers and Picks. Every bite is serve right from the tropical paradise for you and your friends to enjoy.

    Barcode 8858782107583

  • US$35.00

    Don’t let the plant just stay beautifully in the toilet but use it as a toilet brush!. Not joking! you can use this cactus to brush your toilet at ease and keep it in place without anyone notice.

  • US$29.95

    This cactus can keep your room clean. Just pull the cactus plant out and leave your garbage in the pot, push the plant to flatten your garbage and you will have more space to throw the rubbish in.

  • US$19.95

    When the hot season comes, lets this summer’s plant stops you from sweating by place it in front of the door and let the air circulate.


  • US$13.95

    My slime is good for your skin but my body is also good for your nails because I hide brushes underneath my body to help cleaning your foot, nails or anywhere you want. Place me anywhere and I’ll be there to brush you

  • US$9.95

    I’m slow but it’s my outstanding point. You can hang your stuffs on me and be sure that with my speed I’ll be there holding it for you 🙂

  • US$27.00

    Eat light anytime with this cloud salad bowl. The cloud shaped bowl is perfect for serving your salad and welcomes all your favorite dishes. Drop the fork and spoon in the bowl, the complete scene of raindrop splashing out of the cloud will appear.

    Barcode 8858782105626

  • US$29.95

    This dessert tray will create a beautiful centrepiece to display your most delicious delicacies with style. You can also ensure you will have your cake and eat it because this tray cleverly creates an invisible ant barrier. By pouring water into the space underneath the tray, it becomes a water wall that blocks ants. Reaching your dessert is no longer a piece of cake for ants!

  • US$24.00

    An experienced Teddy Bear brings with him a lifetime of knowledge and experience; the wisdom of silence and stillness in moments of restlessness. You can always take great comfort in knowing that Teddy is waiting patiently to assist you in many of your daily office needs. Teddy Scissors is the right Bear for the job! Teddy Scissors is always happy to lend you an ear or two when you need to cut something, and is more than happy to hold on to your paper clips as well.

  • US$42.00

    You can have your cake and eat it too without ants getting in the way with the Anti-Ant Dessert Tray. The Anti-Ant Dessert tray is perfect for those who adore dessert and don’t want pesky ants reaching it. By pouring water into the space underneath the tray, it becomes a water wall that blocks ants from getting to your dessert. The Anti-Ant Dessert Tray also comes with a clear cover that will enhance your dessert with style. Reaching your dessert is no longer a piece of cake for ants!

  • US$24.95

    Money does not grow on trees, but this tree can help you save money by keeping your personal belongings in a safe place where you will never lose them. The Leaf Accessories Tray is the perfect place to put everyday items such as your wallet, jewelry, or mobile phone so you always know where they are. The branches vary in shapes and sizes in order to fit any shaped item to be easily stored and retrieved with style. No matter what item you leave, rest assured the Leaf Accessories Tray will hold on to it, and will always keep it safe.

  • US$13.50

    Inspired by generations of wisdom. The Bai Bua Tray is uniquely designed to inspire us to be closer to nature. Inspired by the lotus leaf, The Bai Bua Tray can carry up to six standard glasses and the lotus leaf design acts as a water drainer keeping your glasses nice and dry.

  • US$11.25

    This beautifully designed paper clip and accessory holder will make your desk area more organised.
    The lovely flower will dress up your desk and surely brighten up your day.