Recycled PE

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    Whale sharks, known as the world’s largest fish, are admired for their gentle nature. Spotting whale sharks signifies rich and thriving natural environment. However, they’re facing extinction due to ingesting plastic waste. These whale shark opener, equipped with fridge magnets, are easy to use, made from recycled plastic, and help reduce the likelihood of increased ocean debris.

    Barcode : 8858782119265

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    Manta rays, the world’s largest rays, are facing extinction due to hunting for consumption and marine debris. These manta ray bottle opener, equipped with fridge magnets, are easy to use, made from recycled plastic, and help reduce the likelihood of increased ocean debris

    Barcode : 8858782120810

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    The leatherback turtle, the largest sea turtle in the world, mistakenly consumes plastic debris daily, often mistaking it for jellyfish, their main prey. This coaster made from recycled plastic, can help reduce ocean plastic pollution.

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    Small but smart, since it’s hard to find perches in the city so these mini sparrows magnet will stay on anything metallic they found. Result is they will help you attach your note without being tired. And yet accompany you when it’s hard to feel the nature nearby.

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    The thoughtful messenger to your intimate note, this leaf magnet allows you to let the receiver realizes also what mood you are in from the color of the leaf you have chosen to hold the message. Changing the color is fun!

    Barcode 8858782112143

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    Every minute, the plastic waste equivalent of a rubbish truck is emptying in the ocean and traps and tangles with the sea turtle and other marine animals. These poor animals can’t escape or get rid of the plastic waste no matter how hard they tried and will die at the end.

    This sea turtle magnet mocks the tangling problem by showing that when your key attached on him, he has no way out. So that we should do everything we can to save them.

    (source : greenpeace)

  • US$7.95

    No one would eat food mixed with micro-plastic if they knew, but sadly, these sea turtles cannot distinguish what is harmful to them. Ocean pollution is a big threat to the sea turtle at all stages of life and it will continue to torture them if we still consume irresponsibly.

    This sea turtle coaster is not only proof of animal cruelty but also helps reduce the plastic waste that may enter to harm the living sea turtle in the nature habitat.

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    Plastic bags kill countless numbers of sea creatures every year. Do your part to minimize the number of plastic bags thrown away by reusing your plastic bags or using cloth bags. This whale plastic bag holder will help remind you of the unintended effects of our waste products to sea life and be more conscious of our lifestyle.

    Barcode 8858782118107

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    Now you can grab anything worry-free. Push & Grab does as it says, push any buttons and grab anything that you want to avoid using your own hand.
    Made of recycled LDPE, helps reduce waste that may enter the environment. 3 color choices with infinity grabbing usages.

  • US$4.95

    Cover your nose and mouth no need to leave your ears in pains plus this extender also keep your mask hygiene.

    The Mask Holder and Ear saver made of recycled LDPE which helps reduce waste in the environment and also reduces ear pain when wearing all day long.

    Holding the mask inside is easy as folding and both edge and fold half using the ear loops to lock with the holder.