• US$11.95

    Everyone will be Juliet for this Roll Meo. He hides in your roll of toilet paper waiting to surprise you.

  • US$18.95

    It’s not magic it’s “Cactiss”. It can hold both napkin or toilet paper (roll) as you wishes. Or turn the cactus upside down use it as a plant pots. There you go two functions in one cactus .

  • US$13.50

    Maximug, the multi-functional office mug that make every office complete. You can choose to use Maximug as a small rubbish bin to keep your office space tidy, a tissue paper holder, or a large coffee mug to get your morning started. You can even use it to keep your office supplies in!
    Get your maximum use with Maximug!

    Barcode 8858782109464

  • US$13.50

    This fine young gentleman will always be on your side for any emotional occasion. Michael doesn’t say much but loves to listen and really enjoys offering a tissue when you need one or keeping your desk clean and tidy. Michael functions as a desk bin or a tissue holder.

    Barcode 8858782109365

  • US$15.00

    Fun and evocative, the Squirrel Tissue Log comes with a squirrel who stands bold upfront in order to protect his very last treasure from being used by human being. The tissue being pull from the squirrel’s hands is easily cut as well as being utmost hygienic without a single touch. The deed also echo the fact that the more you use, the less nature left.

    Barcode 8858782100423

  • US$45.00

    Every time the paper is being use the tree and the little squirrel will duck down into the log. This reminds that the more paper usage, the more threats to the trees and wildlife

    Barcode 8858782106593

  • Out of Stock

    Plastic bags kill countless numbers of sea creatures every year. Do your part to minimize the number of plastic bags thrown away by reusing your plastic bags or using cloth bags. This whale plastic bag holder will help remind you of the unintended effects of our waste products to sea life and be more conscious of our lifestyle.

    Barcode 8858782118107

  • US$22.95

    This facial tissue paper box can hold most standard-size facial tissue packs. Insert the tissue pack underneath the iceberg and make the ice float up. As the tissue runs out, the iceberg collapses, prompting you to replenish your tissue pack… or save paper.

    Barcode  8858782117490