• US$35.00

    Don’t let the plant just stay beautifully in the toilet but use it as a toilet brush!. Not joking! you can use this cactus to brush your toilet at ease and keep it in place without anyone notice.

  • US$18.95

    It’s not magic it’s “Cactiss”. It can hold both napkin or toilet paper (roll) as you wishes. Or turn the cactus upside down use it as a plant pots. There you go two functions in one cactus .

  • US$18.00

    Although I’m down to earth but the cleanliness is my priority. Escar is ready to help you clean your hands too, by refilling your lovely liquid soap in to my back and I will hurry walk to wait for you at the bath sink. Push my shell to pump for the soap and you will have clean hands for a day

  • US$9.00

    Mirror wiper, bird is a handle and it’s tail is flexible to wipe all water drops smoothly, easy to place on wall with the suction cup.