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    The leatherback turtle, the largest sea turtle in the world, is one of the marine animals affected by plastic debris. This inspired the design of these leatherback turtle scissors, which are equipped with a magnet for attaching to the fridge, easy to use, and made from recycled plastic, which can help reduce ocean plastic pollution.

    Barcode : 8858782120353

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    The leatherback turtle, the largest sea turtle in the world, mistakenly consumes plastic debris daily, often mistaking it for jellyfish, their main prey. This coaster made from recycled plastic, can help reduce ocean plastic pollution.

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    Over a billion toothbrushes end up in landfills every year only in North America! And it takes over 400 years to decompose but before that, they may pollute oceans and beaches and kill the marine lives by misunderstanding as food before it decomposes. Even we can recycle plastic toothbrushes just as this turtle is made from discarded fishing nets, but there are betters choices of toothbrushes available in the market, please help our environment by choosing the eco-friendly one.

    Source: https://www.bambrushes.com/blogs/news/7-ways-your-plastic-toothbrush-is-evil

  • US$11.00

    Bar soap uses 30% less water than liquid soap and has a greener manufacturing process, its package is generally comprised of cardboard or paper which makes it is 10 times less impact on the environment than liquid soap. Besides, this happy turtle soap tray is made from discarded fishing nets, under the “net free seas” project by EJF, which makes it the better choice to keep our environment safe while keeping you clean and fresh.

    Source: https://www.greenmatters.com/p/soap-bad-for-environment

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    Don’t waste your beverage or let it tasteless by leaving it undrunk too long and ends up in the sink. This turtle opener is aiming to help you open any bottles for freshness and put its head inside the bottle’s neck to keep it fresh for you. All animal knows how precious water is, so please don’t waste any while a lot is dying from thirst.

    Barcode : 8858782118640

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    Swiming in the wide ocean is not as safe and as free as it used to be. Ghost gear continues to catch and mercilessly injure or even kill our Sea Turtles through entanglement and ingestion. Save our marine life is to save our planet.

    Barcode : 8858782118794

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    Many sea creatures are suffering from plastic products left in the ocean. Please use plastic responsibly so that we will keep them safe during our lifetime. Meanwhile, these marine animals will keep your notes safe too!

    Barcode 8858782110163

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    Every minute, the plastic waste equivalent of a rubbish truck is emptying in the ocean and traps and tangles with the sea turtle and other marine animals. These poor animals can’t escape or get rid of the plastic waste no matter how hard they tried and will die at the end.

    This sea turtle magnet mocks the tangling problem by showing that when your key attached on him, he has no way out. So that we should do everything we can to save them.

    (source : greenpeace)

  • US$7.95

    No one would eat food mixed with micro-plastic if they knew, but sadly, these sea turtles cannot distinguish what is harmful to them. Ocean pollution is a big threat to the sea turtle at all stages of life and it will continue to torture them if we still consume irresponsibly.

    This sea turtle coaster is not only proof of animal cruelty but also helps reduce the plastic waste that may enter to harm the living sea turtle in the nature habitat.