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  • US$12.50

    A double task plug that surely reminds you to unplug before leaving, Unplug is dubbed as a chic key ring as well as a useful key holder. It can be attached to the wall of any surface by tape or screw. Your keys won’t be misplaced ever again!

  • US$22.50

    Use water wisely by pouring it into plant pot, the squirrel will indicate the water level. There is no need to water every day because the rope inside acts as an artificial root for the water intake.

  • US$45.00

    Every time the paper is being use the tree and the little squirrel will duck down into the log. This reminds that the more paper usage, the more threats to the trees and wildlife

    Barcode 8858782106593

  • US$8.00

    Like an Elephant to the water, The Ele funnel is designed to funnel any liquid to any desired place without making a mess. Simply pour any liquid down the back of the Elephants head and watch it blow through the trunk of the Ele Funnel with ease. We also designed our Ele funnel with a spool tail hook at the top of her head for hanging and it can stand upright as well.

  • US$11.50

    No matter what time of the year it is, it will always be autumn in your home. The Autumn door-stooper brings you memories of the good old days when the leaves are falling to the ground

  • US$8.50US$10.00

    You don’t need your Prince Charming to come and save you. He only exists in the fairy tail world. Cindy, the ladies shoehorn is here and she’s for real. Fashionable as well as functional, Cindy stylishly provides assistance to all of the ladies. Putting on those high heel shoes can be a pain. Let Cindy do the work for you. Cindy sites beautifully as a decorating piece as well. Choose from a series of different colors and add a vivid splash of style to your home.

  • US$9.95

    Need an assistant to help you with the scattering of paper clips on your desk? The little sparrow keeps your desk tidy by collecting the paper clips to build his own nest.

  • US$7.95

    Forget something? The little sparrow is here to say your date. Whether you’ve got a to-do list or place your note here and let the little sparrow remind you.

  • US$12.00

    As the little Sparrow flies in to rest on a hook, it is ready to watch over your possessions, be it your accessory, clothes, handbags, etc. Not only things are no longer misplaced but your space will surely be brighter, too.

  • US$11.00

    Bring nature into your room with “Peg Sparrow”, Put your shirt on it, and let your sparrow friends guard it while you close your eyes and forget your worried.

  • US$9.00

    Charming swan turns into a watering pod in a blink of an eye. Get off your desk or whatever you are doing, take a deep breath of fresh air in your garden and don’t forget to tag along the Swan.

  • US$38.00

    Leave the mess and let the Screw Wall Hook do the rest as it organizes your belongings beautifully.

  • US$13.50US$17.00

    Happiness is just around the corner. A square shape bin with rounded corner will fit perfectly into your room corner or under your desk. ?Varieties of selected colors provide to fit every lifestyle and personality. ?The flip-lid keeps unpleasant smell away, but keeps your style in.

  • US$12.00US$17.00

    Round and round we go Flip Bin. Varieties of selected colors provide to fit every lifestyle and personality. The flip-lid keeps unpleasant smell away, but keeps your style in.

  • US$9.90

    Pull up his hat and get excited with his hairstyle.