• US$11.00

    Don’t finish all your to do list as fast as snail.

    Barcode 8858782108368

  • US$13.95

    My slime is good for your skin but my body is also good for your nails because I hide brushes underneath my body to help cleaning your foot, nails or anywhere you want. Place me anywhere and I’ll be there to brush you

  • US$9.95

    I’m slow but it’s my outstanding point. You can hang your stuffs on me and be sure that with my speed I’ll be there holding it for you 🙂

  • US$18.00

    Although I’m down to earth but the cleanliness is my priority. Escar is ready to help you clean your hands too, by refilling your lovely liquid soap in to my back and I will hurry walk to wait for you at the bath sink. Push my shell to pump for the soap and you will have clean hands for a day