• ฿555.00

    Challenge your mind with the Land game, a tactile-focused puzzle. Use your hands to touch each piece and arrange them into the correct shape. By emphasizing touch over vision, this game allows people with visual impairments to participate. Not only is this puzzle enjoyable, but it also promote sunderstanding of diversity, community engagement, and sustainability.

  • ฿555.00

    The city was named “Trash Mountain Land” until the new mayor, Mr. KongGreenGreen, enacted a law stating that he would only purchase properly sorted waste to recycle it into renewable resources. He also mandated hefty fines for any household that failed to sort its waste and contributed to the trash mountain. Today, the time has come for Mr. KongGreenGreen to buy waste from this village, and a fierce battle for garbage has ensued! Ready your bins, plan your waste management carefully, and trust no one in the neighboring houses if you want to survive in this city of trash.