• ฿495.00

    Chill like you are dreaming in rainforest atmosphere with these stirrers and Picks. Every bite is serve right from the tropical paradise for you and your friends to enjoy.

    Barcode 8858782107583

  • ฿280.00

    Don’t just stay still, stir your mood and your favorite drink with a style and your summer will be fresher and tastier.

    Barcode 8858782107033

  • ฿300.00

    When Mozart is in need of party, what will fit him most?
    Melodrinks; the beverage stirrer will fit his musical heart as well as stirring his gorgeous beverage well. Every notes can compose the atmosphere of the party to be enjoyable for anyone.

  • ฿300.00

    Raindrop keeps falling in my glass.. but it won’t dilute my beverage since this raindrop came from the Cloud Stirrer. Lets get this party started with style, enjoy your drink whether on a cloudy or sunny day with cloud stirrer.

  • ฿150.00

    When Your Glass Perspired, The Bai Bua Coaster Serves As An Excellent Way To Keep Your Glass Separated From The Water.
    Inspired By Generations Of Wisdom. The Bai Bua Coaster Is Uniquely Designed To Inspire Us To Be Closer To Nature. Inspired By The Lotus Leaf, The Bai Bua Coaster Solves The Age Old Problem Of The Coaster Sticking To The Glass By Keeping The Water Separated. The Lotus Shape Will Give You A Sense Of Being Closer To Nature.

  • ฿350.00

    Tightly hugging the glass with the Bandscape, a great way to alien your cup during parties and act as a non-slip grip. The fun part is you can stack as many as you want to create your little woods. Available in six different designs.

    Barcode 8858782100362

  • ฿300.00

    The wonder of the nature is that every single leaf is simply different, not even one sharing the very same pattern. Let this colorful leaf give you a signature identity on your glass so you can go worry-free and party to the max.

    Barcode 8858782112112

  • ฿300.00

    Little joyful hummingbirds love to play among flower, sipping water from their leaves. Hummingbirds party decorates your glass as well as showing which one is yours. Let the hummingbirds join your party!

    Barcode 8858782112020

  • ฿275.00

    Qualy’s coaster is designed for a double-sided usage for different glass sizes. Due to the ripple design there would be no airtight suction of glasses up along with the palettes. This is both excellent as an ornamental decoration on the dining table as well as a functional piece.