• ฿300.00

    Bring the forest to your next party with ‘’Forest Party Forks.’’ This uniquely designed party fork set looks like a miniature sized forest. Place the tree branches on top of the tooth pick to make it look like a tiny tree. It’s also serves as a friendly reminder of the current deforestation happening around the world.

    Barcode 8858782112600

  • ฿900.00

    Autumn, winter, spring, and summer, the 4 season glass tray will add elegance and beauty to your home as well as providing a place to store your glassware. Like each tree in a glasshouse, the 4 season glass tray reminds us of the dangers of too much water consumption and the need to share our natural resources with all living things. The 4 season glass tray also drains the water from your glassware after washing keeping it nice and dry. Add elegance and style to your home decor with the 4 Season Glass tray.

    Barcode 8858782112136

  • ฿700.00

    The 2 seasoning shakers to cater your 2 favorite spices. Filling pepper into the summer shaker and the cactus will have enough sand to stand bold while your dish will be as good as it gets. Then witness white Christmas covered with snow at fingers snap when you fill the winter shaker with salt and spring it over your plate.

    Barcode 8858782100331

  • ฿1,200.00

    Inspired by the 4 seasons , This seasoning shaker will decorate your tabletop with the tastes of spring , summer autumn and winter. Let’s shake the season and enjoy your dish!

    Barcode 8858782114307