• ฿240.00

    The world is getting hotter and hotter and a penguin can hardly bear it. This penguin stands on his iceberg asking you for your help. Penguin on Ice is a stylish popsicle maker that will let you create an iceberg with flavor, just pour your favorite drink into the mold and you will have a delicious iceberg popsicle to help you cool off on a hot summer day. Your friendly penguin will be happy waiting in the freezer for you, he loves the cold.

    Barcode 8858782113256

  • ฿300.00

    Ice scraper, bird is a handle and it’s tail is hard to scrap all the ice completely. Easy to place on window with the suction cup.

  • ฿220.00

    The iceberg is the polar bear’s habitat; it is melting much quicker these days due to the Global Warming. This makes it more difficult for a Polar bear to find a place to live. There are several occasions where it dies from swimming over a few hundred miles to find food or a place to stand and rest yet drown because there is no iceberg for it to stand. he food is rarely to find, and with the fewer resting place caused from the Global Warming, the Polar bear is under the threats of extinction. Please come and help to protect the earth from the Global Warming before the polar bear extinct as well as other animals. If someone wants to kick you out from your home, you’ll definitely bears. So if you can, please help stop the global warming.