• ฿1,800.00

    “A tabletop-sized glass house designed in a minimalist style. Its small size makes it ideal for adorning living rooms, meeting rooms, workspaces, kitchens, dining areas, and cafés. It’s strong, long-lasting, and not easily broken, with an easy-to-use sliding lid that can be opened or removed, making it ideal for organizing objects within. Aside from planting miniature trees, it can also be used as a showcase box for various items such as collectibles, artworks, or art toys.

    The tray is made from recyclable ABS material, and the entire product set can be 100% recycled when its usage cycle ends.”

    Barcode : 8858782120162

  • ฿600.00

    This tray will take care of your plant for you. Just pour water (hopefully recycled!) onto the tray, and place the special pot [included] on it, inserting the pot’s artificial root into one of the holes on the tray’s surface. Leave the rest to your plant!

    Barcode 8858782110682