Recycled ABS

  • ฿750.00

    The sweetest way to store your stuff and add a juicy splash of colour to your room. To top it off, you can turn over the lid and use it as a tray. A giant strawberry container with 4l of space to fit in what you need – toys, socks, art materials, toilet rolls – in whichever room you wish to place this delightful article.

    Barcode 8858782104254

  • ฿220.00

    This little cloud will blow the top off any bottle in the matter of no time. The Cloud Bottle Opener quietly sits on your refrigerator waiting for the next bottle to open. Its unique design makes it easy to grip the cloud tightly with your hand while you open your bottle.

  • ฿320.00

    This wise owl dominates the night. After you work a long day, the Night Owl will sacrifice his evening to keep your keys safe. When he is not watching your keys he will slumber peacefully. When you leave your keys with him, he will wake up and guard your keys. You can always count on the Night Owl to keep your keys safe, he never takes a night off.

  • ฿650.00

    Leave the mess and let the Screw Wall Hook do the rest as it organizes your belongings beautifully.