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    Losin island in Pattani province is the home of whale sharks because of its integrity of the marine ecosystem. But human activities such as littering or unsustainable fisheries could make the
    whale shark extinct.

    This teacup is a handcraft from Pattani’s local people, using local clay and decorated with the whale shark ornament made from local recycled fishing nets.

    Every time we drink from this teacup, the whale shark would remind us of nature and our responsibility in every activity.

    Barcode : 8858782118510

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    Plastic pollution is a major threat to whales and other sea life. Plastic bags are often mistaken by marine animals as food whereas ghost gear continues to catch and kill unfortunate charismatic species for decades.

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    Many sea creatures are suffering from plastic products left in the ocean. Please use plastic responsibly so that we will keep them safe during our lifetime. Meanwhile, these marine animals will keep your notes safe too!

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