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  • US$15.95

    Each fin is a strong magnet for your notes. More importantly, these shark magnets say that fins clearly belong on sharks and not us, representing your support for the banning of finning to protect our sharks.

    Barcode 8858782117582

  • US$14.95

    The multi-purpose container that can serve your needs of storing stationery, cutlery or remote controls. Easily open the top of the iceberg to store and retrieve your things, this container functions as an ornament as well to decorate your living space.

    Barcode  8858782117506

  • US$22.95

    This facial tissue paper box can hold most standard-size facial tissue packs. Insert the tissue pack underneath the iceberg and make the ice float up. As the tissue runs out, the iceberg collapses, prompting you to replenish your tissue pack… or save paper.

    Barcode  8858782117490

  • US$24.95

    A clear jug with lid that holds up to 1.5 liters. The ripple lid with a polar bear on the iceberg makes it easy to grasp and open, and paints a bleak picture of the last iceberg in a warmer Arctic.

    Barcode  8858782117513

  • US$3.00

    Will you dare to touch the public stuff if you know the person before you got the viruses? Avoid pressing unsafe buttons in public by using this Push Stick.

    The healthy stick made from recycled material from discarded fishing nets, it not only helps you safe from contaminating but also helps our ocean to free from the plastic ghost gears.

  • US$7.50

    Now you can grab anything worry-free. Push & Grab does as it says, push any buttons and grab anything that you want to avoid using your own hand.
    Made of recycled LDPE, helps reduce waste that may enter the environment. 3 color choices with infinity grabbing usages.

  • US$4.95

    Cover your nose and mouth no need to leave your ears in pains plus this extender also keep your mask hygiene.

    The Mask Holder and Ear saver made of recycled LDPE which helps reduce waste in the environment and also reduces ear pain when wearing all day long.

    Holding the mask inside is easy as folding and both edge and fold half using the ear loops to lock with the holder.

  • US$9.95

    Don’t afraid of technology but do afraid of viruses. Protect yourself from what you may not aware of, like the delivery’s sign pad or public digital buttons that may not be cleaned often. But with this push & touch, anything that you need to touch whether analog or digital, is surely free from contaminations.

    Push&Touch made from recycled material from a discarded fishing net and high-quality aluminum. Easily use and clean even in boiled water.
    It comes with 3 color choices and a hook for hanging everywhere near your hand.

  • US$4.95

    Protect yourself is better than hoping others to protect themselves for you. Wearing face Shield is the new normal for abnormal situations like nowadays.

    This face shield will protect you with the lightweight. easy to wear and keep.