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    Playing Dominocean can rescue marine wildlife.
    Fish, dolphins, whales, seals, turtles, and many more species are some of the many victims of ghost fishing gear.
    Dominocean is made from 100% discarded fishing nets collected through the “Net Free Seas” project operated by EJF. Each piece does not only help clean our oceans but also creates an alternative income for artisanal fishers in Thailand. This product is eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable.
    Each Dominocean piece represents different marine species and as you follow the rules of the game, you learn how marine ecosystems are interdependent. This is a way to keep your kids entertained while also learning about our precious marine life.

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    Losin island in Pattani province is the home of whale sharks because of its integrity of the marine ecosystem. But human activities such as littering or unsustainable fisheries could make the
    whale shark extinct.

    This teacup is a handcraft from Pattani’s local people, using local clay and decorated with the whale shark ornament made from local recycled fishing nets.

    Every time we drink from this teacup, the whale shark would remind us of nature and our responsibility in every activity.

    Barcode : 8858782118510

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    An early June heat wave cooked the mussels of Northern California’s Bodega Head in their shells, causing the largest die-off of the foundational species in the area in 15 years.

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    Little horse cannot run away from climate change, yet it has to face the ghost gear threat that is killing its marine animal friends and devastating its habitat.

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    The increasing temperature of sea water due to the climate crisis is exacerbating the sea star wasting disease and has devastated around 20 sea star species inhabiting in the coast of Mexico to Alaska since 2013. Save our marine life is to save our planet.

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    Swiming in the wide ocean is not as safe and as free as it used to be. Ghost gear continues to catch and mercilessly injure or even kill our Sea Turtles through entanglement and ingestion. Save our marine life is to save our planet.

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    Plastic pollution is a major threat to whales and other sea life. Plastic bags are often mistaken by marine animals as food whereas ghost gear continues to catch and kill unfortunate charismatic species for decades.

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    Don’t get involved with the dirty money, when you can clean it with this banknote cleanser. Fill in the alcohol spray to use everywhere and drop some alcohol on the sponge inside, place the banknote and close the lid to wipe it thoroughly and you can legally money-laundering anywhere.

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