• ฿340.00

    Flowing form is inspiring the flowing feeling with the result of flowing flexible and functional pieces of art. Flow – the multi task containers in different sizes – is presented in free form design to fit each and every space.

  • ฿450.00

    Fun and evocative, the Squirrel Tissue Log comes with a squirrel who stands bold upfront in order to protect his very last treasure from being used by human being. The tissue being pull from the squirrel’s hands is easily cut as well as being utmost hygienic without a single touch. The deed also echo the fact that the more you use, the less nature left.

    Barcode 8858782100423

  • ฿280.00

    Home to your little amenities and possessions, Pixel Cube is the hero in keeping all in one place. Go as wild as your imagination takes you as it is super flexible to be used; as floating objects on the wall or simply assemble them together and create your very own wall of art!

  • ฿280.00

    Pixel Box tucks away your stationery as well as other gadgets in order to offer you a sight at ease. It can be used as a floating decorative object on the wall as well. Pixel Box comes in two pieces which could be hung on the wall or place on a table.

  • ฿2,200.00

    Slice- the four cutting boards ? is created in purpose to prevent cross-contamination while acts beautifully as a display on kitchen wall. Even an amateur chef could turn pro with the scale provided on the cutting side which makes cutting evenly a piece of cake.

    Barcode 8858782100393

  • ฿350.00

    Tightly hugging the glass with the Bandscape, a great way to alien your cup during parties and act as a non-slip grip. The fun part is you can stack as many as you want to create your little woods. Available in six different designs.

    Barcode 8858782100362

  • ฿700.00

    The 2 seasoning shakers to cater your 2 favorite spices. Filling pepper into the summer shaker and the cactus will have enough sand to stand bold while your dish will be as good as it gets. Then witness white Christmas covered with snow at fingers snap when you fill the winter shaker with salt and spring it over your plate.

    Barcode 8858782100331

  • ฿1,800.00

    The catchy 3 litres water dispenser, features a handy ice tube that helps keeping your drink as chill as you like without messing up with the original taste of your favorite drink. Portable and easy to clean, Thirsty Bird is super ideal for everyday use as well as party!

  • ฿300.00

    Welcome all to the world of Eastern gastronomy where hygienic concern takes the big picture as they serve one and only individual. Saving the planet. Mrs.& Mr. Lee cut down the usage of disposable chopsticks while they, themselves, are functional to the max as every part has its own role. It is foldable and super convenient to tag along.


  • ฿1,200.00

    Daydreaming of following Alice to her Wonderland in order to dine with cute animals is after all the story of the past. with the arrival of Animal Parade Hopping right on your own dining table. this lovely set of dining companions which is a combine of four cute friends, that will surely spice up each and every meal while the imagination is being fed along the way.

    Barcode 8858782114772

  • ฿550.00

    Say bye to the lonely moment as Duo Sparrow the keyring + key holder will warm your heart as well as your loved ones. These two little sparrows will help guard your keys while can be bold as SOS whistle when needed to be!

  • ฿950.00

    Follow the bird for they know the best, in this case, water dispenser that would keep you fit by reminding you to drink more and at same time indicates how much you’ve gone so far as water is the crucial fundament for all. A real health helper appears in portable chic design while enhancing the atmosphere wherever placed. Make drinking fun and oh-so-easy, it features an adaptor that fits two sizes of bottle cap while being totally assembly possible.