• ฿300.00

    What else is cuter than having little bird drinks with you on a relax afternoon. This little bird will wait for you at your coaster set to be ready accompany you suddenly when you pick up your glass.

  • ฿300.00

    Barcode 8858782112938

  • ฿600.00

    This tray will take care of your plant for you. Just pour water (hopefully recycled!) onto the tray, and place the special pot [included] on it, inserting the pot’s artificial root into one of the holes on the tray’s surface. Leave the rest to your plant!

    Barcode 8858782110682

  • ฿300.00

    Many sea creatures are suffering from plastic products left in the ocean. Please use plastic responsibly so that we will keep them safe during our lifetime. Meanwhile, these marine animals will keep your notes safe too!

    Barcode 8858782110163

  • ฿180.00

    This is the easiest egg hunting ever. This bunny is not only hide the egg but also serve you a yummy boiled egg with his ear spoon.

    Barcode 8858782112969